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Velkomin á MINILIK Eþíópska veitingastaðinn á Íslandi !!

Minilik Ethiopian Restaurant was first founded in Fluðir out of reykjavik by two couples Lemlem Kahssay ,Azeb kahssay ,Árni Magnus Hannesson and Yirga Mekonnen on summer of 2011.

After we found out that our traditional dish is very much loved by Icelanders, just like it happend in major cities of Europe and america, we Opened the new branch in Hliðasmári 15 in Kopavogur 1st of March 2012. At the moment only the Fludir location is open.
We are very much greatful for those who supported us to do our job and helping us get publicity we deserve. We are also happy to offer you the TEST of Ethiopia .

The mother land of Coffee ,Ethiopia has the fabulous and well known coffee ceremony.You see how we roast ethiopian coffee beans and give you a chance to share the will test what we call COFFEE.

The name Minilik
Minilik is the son of Ethiopian queen, well known as Queen of Shebba. The saga says, as it is also written on the holly bible, she went to visit king Solomon to Jerusalem and present him Gold and more precious things. She slept with king Solomon, she got pregnant and give a birth after she came back home. When he reached the right age she took him to jerusalem to show him his father, and King Solomom given him the name MINILIK (son of the wise man). When minilik came back to ethiopia his father sent him with many guards and THE ARK OF COVENANTS. Ethiopians believe the ARK of the covenants exists in northern ethiopia Axum.

Come and experience the other side of Ethiopia !

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